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Zdarec, casto vidam uzivatele HTC telefonu, co si chteji rootnout telefon, ale nevi presne jak. Vetsinou to dopadne tak ze s neci pomoci si ten telefon rootnou klasickou „ilegalni cestou“, ale uz sem tu videl i pripady, kdy jim bylo doporuceno odemknout si bootloader pres HTCdev. Problem je ze HTC ma na strankach napsane, ze […]

Zdarec, casto vidam uzivatele HTC telefonu, co si chteji rootnout telefon, ale nevi presne jak. Vetsinou to dopadne tak ze s neci pomoci si ten telefon rootnou klasickou „ilegalni cestou“, ale uz sem tu videl i pripady, kdy jim bylo doporuceno odemknout si bootloader pres HTCdev. Problem je ze HTC ma na strankach napsane, ze tato procedura „muze“ ovlivnit vasi zaruku. A to ma vypovidajici hodnotu, jako lejno na papire, takze pokud to udelate pres HTCdev tak nevite jak na tom jste. Abych se dostal k veci, tak jsem dnes nasel konverzaci uzivatele z XDA a HTC. Prekladat ji celou by byla asi zbytecnost takze anglictinari si ji mohou precist a pro neznale aj to dole shrnu.

Customer Chat
Chat Transcript
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
You have been connected to Ryan B.
Ryan B: Hi Paul, thank you for contacting HTC Support. How may I help you today?
F4flake: I’ve recently become the owner of a HTC one x
F4flake: the boot loader is locked and as such I am unable to perform any administrative tasks with the software
F4flake: I wish to be able to gain root access as the device is mine.
F4flake: there is a way of doing this of course but in order to do so I must unlock my bootloader
F4flake: there is an official process to do so over at
F4flake: HOWEVER
F4flake: as part of the process it suggests that unlocking the bootloader MAY invalidate my warrentee
F4flake: As such I must seek clarification as
F4flake: 1. The phone is mine, I purchased hardware, nowhere was there an agreement where I said I would not excercise a fundamental administrative right over the software
F4flake: 2 In the UK a provider cannot simply wash their hands of responsibility from their product.
F4flake: 3. The wording is extremely non-specific
F4flake: your turn
F4flake: are you still there?
Ryan B: We will not wash our hands of the customer just because they have rooted their phone, if the customer bricks the phone we can not cover this under warranty as this was not a manufacture issue.
F4flake: then under what circumstances is the warranty void?
Ryan B: But if the customer has rooted their device we can un-root the phone but this will involve changing the motherboard in the phone and this will be a chargeable repair.
F4flake: ok, do you want to call a supervisor? Only unrooting a linux installation does not, I can assure you, require replacing a motherboard
F4flake: also my question remains unanswered. Under what specific circumstances is the warranty invalidated
Ryan B: If the phone has illegal software, the motherboard needs to be changed.
Ryan B: Please note that if our engineers determine that the fault you are experiencing is caused by physical damage, wear and tear or illegal software, it will not be covered by warranty. The repair will be chargeable and we will send you a quote. Should you not wish to pay that quote, there will be an approximate £25 diagnosis, shipping & handling fee to have the device returned to you and not repaired.

Liquid-damaged devices are returned immediately, unrepaired and without charge as they are beyond economic repair.
F4flake: how are you defining illegal? and in what way does a motherboard need changing when it can be simply flashed with the correct software?
F4flake: also, I don’t have a problem, I’m simply seeking clarification of the rather vague statement at htcdev
F4flake: can I see a copy of anything that could possibly mean I could in any way load illegal software on my phone? I’m fairly intrigued by this possibility
Ryan B: Illegal as in the sense of someone taking a ROM and customizing it without consent. Regarding the motherboard replacement, this is what HTC have to do as the security will be turned off on the phone displaying that the phone has been tampered with.
F4flake: well on the second point, if the security on a phone is removed, are we talking about an unlocked bootloader or a security flag referred to as s-on or s-off?
Ryan B: That’s correct.
F4flake: because once again NEITHER would require replacing a mainboard
F4flake: and what’s correct? the first example or the second?
F4flake: the bootloader is not the security flag
F4flake: also, what do you mean by illegally customizing a ROM? Android is open source
F4flake: what part of android would be being illegally customized?
F4flake: Sorry, are you still with me?
Ryan B: You need to S-Off the phone which involves unlocking the bootloader and this will void the warranty. The ROM can be customized by many users and we do not support this.
F4flake: sorry, in order to install a different rom you don’t need to s-off your phone.
F4flake: you would need to unlock your bootloader
F4flake: you may not support people making their own ROM but is that actually illegal?
F4flake: have you taken it to court somewhere?
F4flake: look I’m just looking for clarification as to what remains and what doesn’t remain of my warranty if I unlock my bootloader.
Ryan B: No but we just say illegal but in the office we say custom software.
F4flake: while I’m sure it isn’t a conversation you particularly want to have, unfortunately the HTC dev site is really non-specific
F4flake: so when you say illegal you mean legal then?
Ryan B: I understand.
F4flake: only I’m all for nuance, and „custom software“ isn’t lost on me
F4flake: so shall we get back to the crux
F4flake: what part of the warranty is invalidated?
Ryan B: No Head Office have told us to say illegal as if any stock ROM is tampered with it’s not supported by us.
F4flake: why am I unable to have root access, just as I do with the laptop I’ve purchased
Ryan B: You are allowed but we do not support this and the whole warranty will be void.
F4flake: ok but head office may have said it, but if it is unprosecuted and unlegislated, then seriously. it’s a fairly frivoulous phrase to throw around
F4flake: hang on, if I unlock the bootloader the whole warranty is void?
Ryan B: That is correct as the phone has been tampered with.
F4flake: even though you provide the tool to do it officially?
F4flake: only the htcdev site says it „may“ void the warranty. surely it’d be simpler if it simply stated that it absolutely would invalidate all your warranty?
Ryan B: It is there for the customers own use we do not promote rooting devices.
F4flake: also, I think you’ll find it’s not legal in the UK
F4flake: So let me get this straight and I’ll leave you alone I promise.
F4flake: the act of using the htcdev official bootloader unlock function entirely invalidates your warranty?
Ryan B: Only if the bootloader is unlocked.
F4flake: Ok, I know I said I was well up for nuance, but is there a distinction I’m missing there?
F4flake: I was expecting a yes or no answer
Ryan B: No there isn’t.
F4flake: Sorry Ryan, can you explain, only your answers appear to be somewhat ambiguous
F4flake: If the bootloader is unlocked, is the warranty void?
Ryan B: One moment please i am getting someone who can help you further.
F4flake: thank you ryan

Luke: Hi, Paul
F4flake: Hi luke
F4flake: Are you reading through or should I go from the top?
Luke: Just need a moment to read through this chat log, I understand you are not happy that unlocking the bootloader of your device voids your warranty, is that right?
F4flake: No, not as such.
F4flake: I’m seeking clarification as to what „may“ void your warranty means.
Luke: Unlocking the bootloader of your device will remove the warranty.
F4flake: Ok, should that not be reflected at HTC dev?
Luke: The main reason for this is due to the fact you can perform administrative tasks on the phone, for example over clocking. This can be done. We cannot condone that this will be in warranty as any damages that may occur in the future may have been caused by you performing one of these actions.
Luke: The HTC dev site is there for developers
F4flake: Of course it is, but the developers will shortly not be there for HTC
Luke: What do you mean?
F4flake: So let me get this straight, The act of unlocking the bootloader voids warranty in its entirety?
Luke: Yes
Luke: All repairs will be chargeable
F4flake: Then I guess I will have to return my handset, inform my twitter followers and post the entire conversation on xda.
F4flake: I imagine there are a whole bunch of users world wide who will be interested to know they can no longer look to HTC for their purchases.
F4flake: Thank you for your clarification.
F4flake: I believe that’s everything I need to know. Thank you for your time.
Luke: Thank you for your time Paul. I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy that opening the bootloader of your device will void your warranty.
Luke: I apologise I could be of no further assistance to you.
Luke: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
F4flake: Not yet, I will shortly be questioning the legality of that statement with my friendly neighbourhood consumer rights person. As I don’t believe it will stand up under UK law, Has anyone tested it yet?
Luke: I wouldn’t know that Paul.
Luke: Thanks for chatting with me today, Paul. To end our conversation, please click End Session. You’ll be invited to take a short survey which I’d be grateful if you took a moment to complete. Enjoy the rest of your day!
F4flake: cheers.

Zjednodusene jde oto ze F4flake se pta co presne znamena to „muze ovlivnit zaruku“ a asistent mu velmi vyhybave odpovida bud na jinou otazku, nebo jen naznakem. Navic custom romku oznacuje jako ilegalni software, coz je dechberouci, protoze Android je open source. Az po predani zakaznika manazerovi z manazera vyleze, ze po odemceni bootloaderu pres HTCdev, tedy tou „legalni“ cestou vam kompletne pada zaruka a veskere reklamace a opravy mohou byt uctovany, jako servisni.

Snad jsem to popsal srozumitelne a doufam ze to vyresi dohady ohledne toho zda pada zaruka pouze na software, nebo celkove. 😉